For my while of forever

I’ll see you, in a while.

It’s early in the morning, and in a while, I’ll be coming to visit. I’m excited to see you. Are you excited to see me too?

I’m a strange girl, just so you know.

In a while we’ll spend a good while together, but it’ll all go too fast. A while later it’ll be the next morning, and I’ll be waking up on your chest.

Maybe after a while we’ll get serious, and see more of each other. And when we’re apart, I’ll take a while to think about what I really want: You.

I’ll be a little bit in love with you, ha. OK, a big bit. Will it make you proud, or amused, when I tell you this?

After a while it’ll just be you and me, whiling away our timeless time… You’ll be the guy I found out I needed.

A while in the future you’ll realise we’ve been together quite a while. You’ll say that maybe, in a while, we should think about getting married. Because your parents said so.

Wow! I’ll be surprised.

I’ll feel like we should take a while longer to think about it. I’m a romantic girl, but it’s a big step, right?

You’ll go mad when I tell you this. Things’ll get awkward.

I’ll think things’ll probably sort themselves out after a while, but they won’t. In just a short while, we’ll drift apart.

And you should know that none of it will be your fault… all mine.

For some reason I won’t do my bit to make it right. Because I’m an idiot. Eventually I’ll come to my senses, but a while too late. Nothing I say will make any difference to you.

I’ll be a complete mess, for a while. You’ll move on and find another girl and, after a while, I’ll try to… I promise.

But hey, can you imagine, for a while, a parallel universe, where things are different?

We’re still together there, enjoying everything we had, and more, and new.

I think that’s where I’ll live for a while. For longer than a while. For my while of forever.

Would you live in that world with me, even just… for a while? It’s as real as the world we don’t have to imagine, and I like it way more.

Do you see the memories we’ve made in that world? We’ve built something special there.

Take a while to see:

When it was 5AM but we were still awake. That day at the fairground. That night we can’t remember. All the times we did, we felt, we went, we saw, we laughed.

The children.

Do you not see this?

When you do, you’ll know where to find me.

I’ll see you, in a while.




Short story writer based in York, UK. Video profile:

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